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Pastor Tonya R.

Lady Tonya R. Robinson is a native of Greenwood, Mississippi, and serves as Co-Pastor of Judah Tabernacle along side her husband Pastor Cedric A. Robinson in Melvindale, Michigan.  She has been teaching and preaching the word of God since 1998. The calling on her life was cultivated at an early age by her grandmother- the love of Jesus, family, unity and the significance of wisdom, and she has embraced each one wholeheartedly.

Lady Tonya attained both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Christian Education Theology from Oral Roberts University located In Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was licensed to preach in 2001 and was ordained in March of 2009. Her eternal goal is to tear down the kingdom of darkness as she biblically brings light to all who will hear her. Lady Tonya is a Powerful Prayer Warrior. As an Intercessor, she is anointed to stand in the gap for those who are in need, while calling down the kingdom of heaven. She believes in the “Power of Prayer” and is often found quoting: “Your Prayer Life is a true indication of your relationship with God.”

Lady Tonya travels extensively and her unique presentation of the gospel has enabled her to minister to many denominations and organizations. She is an anointed, much sought after preacher, teacher, lecturer, leader, and counselor. Moreover, God has granted her favor and her gifts have opened many doors. She has had the privilege to serve at various women's conferences, revivals, and marriage seminars.   

Lady Tonya is a straightforward woman of God; she is committed to Christ and the things of God. She stands firmly on the scripture “Wisdom is the principle thing: therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get an understanding” Proverbs 4:7. 

Currently Tonya serves as Operations Administrator, Christian Education Director, and Director of the Women’s Ministry – The Daughters of Judah.  She has served as an Instructor for Judah Bible Institute for the past 13 years where she has been instrumental in preparing students for the work of the Ministry.  Lady Tonya also sings on the Praise Team and is a Staff Counselor alongside her husband.

 Her love and passion also reaches into the community for Outreach Ministry to nurture and nourish the homeless and helpless.  She can often be found in the most dilapidated area of the inner city witnessing and serving the under privilege. Lady Tonya is the epitome of a virtuous woman. She is a great wife, a loving mom, a caring Godmother, and is always found mothering the many children at Judah.

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