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The Ministers Ministry consists of the Called men and women of God anointed to carry the light of gospel of Christ into every man’s world to build the kingdom of God.



This ministry is designed to assist the Pastor in ministering to the people of God through visiting the sick & shut in, those hospitalized, serving the sacraments, and maintenance of the edifice and premises.  



This ministry is responsible for the sanctuary décor, the dressing the altar, preparing the sacraments, visiting the sick.


Praise Team

This ministry ushers the people into the presence of God through devotional singing, worship, and praise.



The Youth Choir and Adult Choirs are committed to teaching and training the essentials of singing and ministering through songs.



This Ministry meets and greets each member and visitor supplying them with the necessary tools for a comfortable, informative, engaging, and memorable worship experience.


Intercessory Prayer Team

The main objective and focus of this ministry is to keep this church and its members in the constant and continual presence of God covering each one in prayer.


Altar Workers

These workers cover each person around the altar. They literally cover those on their knees with a prayer covering, and prevent those slain in the spirit from being trampled or hurt.


Daughters of Judah

The Daughters of Judah Women Ministries exists to advance God's kingdom through ministries that equip women to grow, serve and reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Men’s Ministry

The design of this ministry is to strengthen brotherly love, making them accountable while upholding them in their godly faith. 

Seasoned Saints

This ministry is designed to involve seniors in mature fellowships as well as activities that are specifically designed for senior fun. The Seasoned Saints ministry will engage with other seniors in seminars and activities conducive for their spiritual growth. 


Married Couples Ministry 

This ministry fellowships for the purpose of strengthening covenant relationships ordained by God. 


Children’s Ministry

This trained staff is designed to minister the gospel at age appropriate levels religiously educating the children on the Word of God; to teach children how to worship, praise, and hear the voice of God; to train the children up in their own God given gifts and abilities dedicated to God; and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ on a level that is conducive for children.


Security Ministry

This ministry is designed to watch, pray, protect and serve the fellowship during worship, prayer, and study services.


C.A.T.E.R. Ministry (Culinary Arts)

This Culinary Arts Treats Everyone Right Ministry prepares and caters meals for banqueting events, Tuesday Night Bible services, and special services when needed.  

Liturgical Dance Ministry

The ministry of dance is utilized as a form of worship and praise.  Through Liturgical, Praise, Stepping, and Drills the children & youth will minister to their peers and others.


Multimedia & Production

Provides reproduction resources to members for personal or ministry purposes (e.g., newsletters, CD/DVD).  This ministry is also responsible for Judah’s media communications, public relations, and marketing.


JAG (Judah’s Adolescence Generation)

The J.A.G. Ministry of Judah Tabernacle is design to assist in developing the children & youth in a holistic continuum. This development will take place spiritually, academically, and recreationally. Spiritually the children & youth will learn and exhibit understanding of God, Christianity, and their role and relationship with Jesus Christ as they proceed to walking out their life as a young person on fire for Christ. Academically the children & youth will excel in their ability to learn in a school environment by strengthening and utilizing the mind and intellect that was given by God. Recreationally the children & youth will use his or her natural abilities to become physically fit in order to be in excellence condition to be used by God. Both children & youth will be encouraged to utilize the gifts and talents given by God to praise and exalt Jesus Christ. 

Drama Ministry

The Drama ministry is used to minister through skits and plays.


JAM (Judah’s Activity Ministry) 

Designed to actively engage each member in fellowship activities that promote family involvement and fun-filled enjoyment. 


Finance Ministry 

Serves the church by providing accurate accounting records.



Area of ministry where the church can serve their community and surrounding areas by ministering through visiting members that are sick and shut-in, nursing homes patrons, feeding the homeless and sharing Jesus Christ through charitable methods.


Tutorial & Mentoring Ministry 

Designed to assist the children & youth in the area of academics for the expressed purpose of enhancing minds to excel in school.


  • Judah Tabernacle Bible Institute

    • Christian Education

      • Serves the church by developing a comprehensive Christian education program that meets the needs of the congregation while supervising staff members and volunteers through Sunday School or Bible Study.​​

    • Ministers In Training (MIT)

      • The Ministers in Training Program (MIT) is designed to equip ministers with the necessary tools for ministry.  The program necessitates an overview of ministerial beliefs, (i.e. Systematic Theology, Christology, Axiology, etc.), essentials in ministry (Prayer, Sanctification), and an in-depth study of the gospel of Christ.  The aim is to ensure each minister is equipped to perform the duties, assignments, and charges bestowed upon them.  It will also provide insight to the work of the Church while maintaining the beliefs and practices associated with ministry.​​​​​​

    • Preachers In Training (PIT)​
      • This program is designed to coordinate with the Minister’s in Training Program (MIT) in efforts to train, equip, and empower preachers with the necessary tools of study for an impactful message from the gospel.  

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